Our Cause

75% of the poor and hungry live in rural areas and depend on agriculture as a way of living. This statistic drives home the point that all food companies have a great responsibility to source food that is sustainably grown and paid for with fair wages. Our trading partners spend a significant amount of time traveling the world and meeting with our family farmers to ensure fair prices are paid and quality of life is respected.

  • Organic Farming: Our trading partners have been helping create new organic farming operations in different countries worldwide for over thirty years. Serenata Brands (through their offices in the USA and South Africa) will also be involved in the same subject.
  • Organic Products: Serenata Brands solely makes organic products for the marketplace (retail and food service). We will continue to create new organic options for both in the home and out of the home.
- Retail Formats: We are creating new options for many retail formats including Natural, Grocery, Mass, Specialty, Hardware, Farm Supply, Nursery, Kitchen and Bath, Camping, Sporting Foods and many others
- Food Service: We are creating menu development options for restaurant chain clients relating to our Organizza, Char-Broil Organics and Sans Sels brands.