We Are Butchers
The Durban Family has been in the Meat and Grocery Business for almost a century (since the early 1930’s). Our efforts in the business have included Butcher Shops, Distribution and Manufacturing.

As co-founders of the Serenata Brands (Char-Broil Organics, Sans Sels, Organizza) the Durban Family has a long history in the meat and grocery space. The Durban / Eritano Families have been in the meat business for over 100 years starting from their origins in both Russia and Italy.
1910's to 1920's
The Durban Family (German Immigrants) were butchers in Russia before the Bolshevik Revolution (October, 1917). They decided to leave the Russian Revolution soon thereafter the family split up into going to two different directions, Ohio, USA and the Patagonia Region in Argentina. The Durban Family furthered their meat business heritage in America.
1930's to 1950's
Created a Small Chain of Meat Markets in Ohio and Pennsylvania (Eventually Opening Up Stores in California) Peter Durban started a small meat and grocery chain (1930’s) called Durban Foods in the Akron, OH area. As a member of the Volunteer Food Stores Coop, Durban Foods grew to a number of locations in Canton, OH, Youngstown, OH and Newcastle, PA. Peter Durban sold the business in the late 1940’s to move his family to Southern California to re-start the business there as Durban Meats. Peter’s sons and daughters (with the in-laws) continued in the food and meat businesses in different variations.
One of the Durban's Meats stores in Ohio (1930's)
Durban Meats Southern Calif Ad
Joe Durban of Durban Meats is also a reserve police officer of the Monterey Park (LA area) Police Department.
1960's to 1990's - Eritano / Durban Families
Tommy Eritano one of the partners in the business...
Established Butcher Shops and a Meat Distribution Business that was eventually bought out by Sysco - Uncle's Monte Durban and Tom Eritano and Cousins David, Tommy and Russell Eritano were heavily involved in the meat business over two generations. Tom had a meat business career including working with Zacky Farms (in the Fresno area) ending up opening his own butcher shop. His sons David and Tommy carried on with the family business with a series of butcher shop and meat distribution businesses (including trucking). One of their distribution businesses was successfully sold to Sysco Foods (included meat distribution to area food service customers including the California Prison System).
Monte Durban as a meat cutter...
1960's to 1990's - Durban Family in Wholesaling
Certified Grocers of Los Angeles
Became High-Level Managers and Buyers with Certified Grocers (now Unified Grocers) John and Bill Durban enjoy 40-years each with Certified Grocers with a number of roles including being in charge of the ordering and purchasing departments. They both saw the extensive growth of Certified Grocers (the number one wholesaler and coop in the world at that time) over the years working with retailers such as Mayfair (Gelson’s), Hughes, Boys, Jensen’s and Market Basket stores. Certified Grocers is now known as Unified Grocers.
John and Bill Durban at lunch with other Certified Grocers buyers...
1990's to Today - Durban Family in Wholesaling
Carrying on the family tradition some of the next Durban Generation work for some of the largest food companies in the world including Nestle and Coca Cola. Two of the Durbans create an all-organic start-up as Serenata Brands. They become manufacturers launching a number of successful brands into retailers nationwide including the newest options, Char-Broil Organics and Organizza
Durban Family Carries On the Family Butcher Tradition With...
Serenata Brands has created a number of marketing efforts to carry on the family tradition relating to the meat and butcher businesses. Their efforts include two marketing sites (www.ButcherShops.org, www.MeatDepartments.com) which will promote the new trends in the business and how Char-Broil Organics is ideal for them. The other family effort is the creation of new TV shows that will be sponsored by Char-Broil Organics (Barbecue Chef and Chef Match).